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Learn more about the treatment options offered by Dr. Jannah Thompson.

Get to Know Dr. Thompson

Intro to Condition: Fecal Incontinence

Describe the Bowel Symptom Questionnaire

InterStim Systems Therapy Bowel

InterStim™ Systems Therapy (Bladder)

Post-Evaluation Message

New Patient Welcome

InterStim Systems Evaluation (Bladder)

Intro to Condition: Overactive Bladder

Describe the Bladder Symptom Questionnaire

First Appt Follow-Up

InterStim™ Systems Evaluation (Bowel)

InterStim Systems (Bladder)

Post-Operative Implant Message

Appointment Reminder

InterStim Systems Bowel

More Videos

Dr. Jannah Thompson was a guest on Let's Talk Pelvis by Medtronic. The episode is: "How do we get there? The treatment guidelines". Take a look by clicking here.

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